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Life After Bankruptcy: It Gets Better

We've Helped Clients Reach Financial Freedom Since 1985

Many people put off debt relief due to the unfortunate myths pertaining to bankruptcy. The reality is, bankruptcy offers a fresh start, one from which you can start immediately rebuilding a stronger financial future. With the counsel of the right bankruptcy lawyer, not only can you achieve this fresh start, but you can also have trusted advice for moving forward.

Here are few reasons the law office of Steven L. Wetzel, P.A. can help you:

  • We have helped clients achieve debt relief since 1985.
  • We deliver personal attention to each client.
  • We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your options.

At our Idaho Falls bankruptcy law firm, we are well versed in the tried and true methods of resolving debt, and we stay on top on all the latest modifications to bankruptcy law and the exemptions available to you. When you need legal support to navigate debt relief and life after bankruptcy, you can find the excellent, comprehensive service you deserve the law office of Steven L. Wetzel, P.A.

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What a Fresh Start Could Mean for You

While each person's situation is unique, and there are many more effects of debt relief than can be mentioned here, there are several opportunities that are made available to anyone who files for bankruptcy. Feel free to discuss these opportunities about your unique case when you give us a call.

After bankruptcy, there are a number of ways you can take advantage of your fresh start:

  • Outline a new budget: And follow it. You can change financial habits, such as by paying for more items with cash instead of credit, for example.
  • Learn what impacts your credit score: By determining what will affect your score in either direction, you can know how to plan and what actions to take.
  • Rebuild your credit: If you use your credit card sparingly, take out a small loan, and stay on top of your credit score to watch its direction and ensure its accuracy, you can boost your credit score. Make sure you research your options instead of going by mail offers.

Beware of the abundance of credit repair scams. It's free to correct information, and you can do that on your own. No one is able to erase accurate information from your credit history. If you see a 900 or 967 number—just stay away. If a credit card restricts you to only ordering from a certain catalog, that is also a red flag. Don't agree to enter credit card program that includes over-the-limit fees.

If you are considering bankruptcy, you want to work with a trusted attorney who will discuss the legal and financial ramifications of this process, someone who will discuss one-on-one with you on how to prepare life after bankruptcy. At the law office of Steven L. Wetzel, P.A., you can find the dedicated counsel and proven representation you need. Don't hesitate to see how our legal team can help you.

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What Do I Do After an Accident?

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